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Make logos in Canva

that don't SUCK.

Ditch the logo templates and learn the right way to use Canva for a starter brand.

You probably already know how important a strong brand is for your business, but it also comes with a pretty big price tag to get great professional logo design.

Imagine a logo you and your customers actually like

You've probably tried to DIY your logo or find lower-cost options. Options like Canva logo templates, Fiverr or Etsy logos, or maybe you've just opted to not have logos or brand visuals.

You know your business deserves to have strong representation and you know how important it is to attract the right audience. But the truth is, templated and cheap logos tend to make your brand look cookie-cutter and cheap as well.


What if you could make a logo that instantly grabs attention?

What would your business look like if your logo was something you were actually proud of and you felt made you look like the professional trustworthy brand you are?

All without the high ticket cost of professional brand design.

The cheap & DIY routes aren't working for you.

Discover how to create a visually strong and unique logo in Canva, transforming your non-existent or cookie-cutter brand into something of a masterpiece without the huge investment. So you can create a brand that has you looking professional and worth the prices you're asking.

Meet the Canva Logo Mastery course.

Canva Logo Mastery Course

You might feel like


You're not sure how to make your own logo unique

You don't feel like you have the time to create a strong brand

You don't feel confident in your design skills


Learn the basics to creating a strong visual brand so you can understand how to create a unique logo to help your business stand out.


Learn the tips and tricks to creating stronger designs in Canva so you can design your brand quickly without sacrificing quality.


Choose colors, symbols, and fonts that will attract your ideal audience so you can feel confident you're attracting the right customers.

My journey in brand design has taken me through countless interactions with small businesses and side hustles. Time and again, I saw the same struggle: these businesses knew how crucial good branding was, but their tight budgets left them stuck with limited options that they weren't proud of and were embarrassed to share with people and promote.

While I personally don’t use Canva for my professional design work, I recognize its value as a versatile and accessible tool for business owners who are tackling their visual branding on their own.

This course will help you create a stronger, better visual brand that you're actually proud of, makes you confident to share your business, and looks professional - so people view you as a professional.

Who I am + My Story

Superlunar Design's Owner, Christina

Create a logo suite for more than
$3500 less than the cost of professional branding



1 payment of



3 payments of


Choose a payment structure that works best for you! You'll get instant access to the course.

  • Canva is great for businesses who are just starting out and don't have the budget to afford professional brand design. This course focuses on using Canva to create unique logos for your business because Canva logo templates are often widely overused (this means tons of people have the same logo as you, which isn't great for standing out) and typically poorly designed.

  • If you are creating a wordmark logo (only text) and you've followed this course to license your own font, then yes! But if you use any of Canva's icons or designs, you cannot. Which is okay if you're just starting out.

  • Yes! This course walks you through both free and very low cost ways to build a unique, strong logo for your brand.

  • Yes! This course is about 15% how to use Canva and 85% how to build a strong brand that attracts YOUR ideal audience. This helps you understand brand basics so you can design to attract your customers, not just pick a template you think is cute or looks good.

What we'll cover


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